Hydrographic Surveys

McGregor personnel have years of experience installing, calibrating and operating a variety of hydrographic data aquisition systems. Attention to detail, a thorough knowledge of industry standards and proven methodology enable the data collected to be of sufficient accuracy and resolution to meets or exceed IHO standards.

Equipment includes but is not limited to:
. Reson 7125 Multibeam Echo Sounder
. Reson 7111 Multibeam Echo Sounder
. Reson 8160 Multibeam Echo Sounder
. Kongsberg EM 300 and EM 1002 Multibeam Echo Sounders
. Klein 3000 Sidescan Systems
. Marine Magnetics SeaSPY Magnetometers
. Motion Sensing System Applanix POS MV, Kongsberg MRU-H and Coda Octapus F180
. DGPS based Integrated Navigation Systems
. GPS Based Heading Devices
. Sound Velocity Profiling Systems
. Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Systems
. Processing Software Suites.

The collection and processing of high quality bathymetric data lends itself to the production of a variety of comprehensive deliverables including acoustic backscatter imagery for seabed classification, contoured or spot depth charts, digital terrain models, shaded imagery and a variety of associated value added products.

* Disclaimer: McGregor GeoScience does not produce or provide hydrographic or nautical charts for use by the public for safe navigation purposes. All hydrographic data is collected to applicable IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) standards and would only be used to produce charts for safe navigation if the data collection and processing was carried out under the supervision of the applicable Hydrographic Authority for the jurisdiction in which the data is located.