Environmental Services

McGregor GeoScience provides a full range of marine and freshwater environmental services including sampling, processing, interpreting and reporting to meet the needs of clients operating in a variety of environmental arenas. With our extensive suite of sampling and imaging tools, McGregor is able to efficiently design, plan and execute environmental surveys in some of the most demanding environments on the globe, including the high Arctic. Through the integration of acoustic survey and geophysical techniques with biological and physico-chemistry data collection, we conduct environmental baseline studies and generate benthic habitat mapping products for a variety of project applications. The implementation of best practices allows us to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and further the understanding of complex marine and freshwater ecosystems.

On Site Environmental Laboratory
Benthic sampling equipment includes but is not limited to:
. Gravity, piston and vibrocorers
. Gray-O'Hara and UNSEL Box Corers
. Single and Double VanVeen, Hamon and Shipek Grabs
. Multi-parameter CTD
. Multiple depth Niskin water samplers
. Shallow and deepwater camera/video drop/towed platforms

McGregor operates an environmental laboratory that is equipped to offer a full range of taxonomic services including marine and freshwater benthic sample processing and analysis of seafloor video and photographic data sets. All stages of faunal analysis from sample processing and faunal extraction to species identification is carried out by our in-house taxonomists and marine and freshwater biologists, using up-to-date technical and taxonomic literature for freshwater and marine invertebrate identification.

McGregor is compliant with international quality control schemes, following best practices established by leaders in the field. Freshwater sample processing is conducted in line with CABIN recommended procedures, and our freshwater taxonomists are SFS (Society for Freshwater Science) certified. For marine sample processing McGregor is moving towards compliance with standards set by the National Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control Scheme: