Our Team

At McGregor GeoScience, all services are delivered by personnel who are trained, qualified and experienced in their relevant disciplines. To facilitate the delivery of our services we provide our personnel with the training, resources and support they need to meet the requirements of our clients on each and every project. We continually strive to ensure that all our deliverables represent the very best we can provide to our client. In doing so, we continue to build on a reputation for excellence and quality within our industry. We do this while maintaining the highest standards in safety and quality.

Management and Operations Support: Senior management at McGregor has a combined experience resume totaling over 75 years. This coupled with a combination of experienced professionals and recent graduate trainees gives McGregor the capability to perform projects that incorporate the latest technology and methods while ensuring proven operational techniques and procedures are employed to maximize results and minimize impact. Following are brief profiles for several of our key personnel.




Tim Ryan – Operations / Project Manager

Mr. Ryan has 10+ years of offshore field survey, supervisory and small boat operation experience throughout North America, South America, Europe and the Arctic. He has a strong background in spatial data acquisition, data analysis and presentation, GIS, as well as project management and leadership. As Operations / Project Manager for McGregor Geoscience he is responsible for coordinating the logistics of onshore and offshore operations, equipment management, employee management, client interaction as well as the operation, maintenance and development of vessel and office IT.Past experience in geophysical surveys, spatial analysis, employee and financial management, deficiency identification and a number of related activities have given Tim a broad base of knowledge that is key to making him an ideal Operations / Project Manager for the projects conducted by McGregor Geoscience.



Wayne Arsenault, CET – Senior Systems Tech

Mr. Arsenault has been involved in the operation, service and maintenance of marine data acquisition, communication and power systems for marine geophysical surveys for over 20 years. He is responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable installation of all McGregor GeoScience survey vessel systems including electrical, electronic and hydraulic based equipment. In his numerous years of project based experience Mr. Arsenault has installed and maintained a wide variety of data transmission and survey systems for marine seismic, construction and engineering projects worldwide. He brings clients a unique knowledge of training and hands on experience that is invaluable when working in the harsh marine environment, often in remote and logistically difficult locations. Mr. Arsenault’s ability and ingenuity have been the foundation for may successful marine survey campaigns.


In addition to the above referenced key personnel, Mcgregor GeoScience underpins all our marine survey operations with personnel who excel at their respective levels.