About Us

McGregor GeoScience Limited has a legacy of accomplishment in the planning, management and execution of marine geoscience, environmental and hydrographic survey projects dating back to 1973.

Senior management at McGregor GeoScience have a combined century of operational experience in the collection and interpretation of land and marine geoscience, hydrographic surveys, environmental and benthic habitat mapping services.  Combine this with our integrated field team of geophysicists, geologists, environmental scientists, marine biologists, hydrographers, cartographers and electronics specialists and you have a formula to produce a high quality suite of marine survey deliverables for our clients.  Our team's experience spans not only several continents and decades but has also bridged a wide range of technological developments/enhancements in the methodologies and systems employed in the execution of our work.  With exclusive access to three fully equipped research vessels and two hydrographic survey launches all survey data collection is carried out to the highest industry standards.  As the costs of conducting surveys have increased and the risks to personnel, the environment and private property have become priorities we have also become more cognizant of the need to have documented and implemented systems and procedures in place to manage safety, quality and production whilst protecting our people and the environment.

Under new ownership since March, 2007, McGregor GeoScience Limited has invested heavily in the purchasing of new data acquisition, processing and interpretation systems.  New ownership, while bringing an increased level of investment in the capabilities of McGregor has also provided access to a range of personnel and equipment resources that have served to expand our capabilities to our client base.  In addition to the purchase of new hardware and software suites, McGregor has also commissioned a fully equipped laboratory for the processing and analysis of environmental and benthic taxonomy samples at our facilities in Bedford, Nova Scotia.  Our team of environmental scientists and marine biologist have undergone training to the highest industry standards for process and QC.

In summary the McGregor team of specialists utilize the latest technology in data acquisition, processing, interpretation and mapping systems to deliver comprehensive geologic and benthic reports as well as detailed bathymetric, geologic and seabed imagery charts. McGregor utilizes a suite of data acquisition tools for seabed and seafloor mapping, imaging and sampling.  Typically McGregor provides research vessels fully equipped with a combination of the systems listed below:

. 96 channel, 2D high resolution seismic systems with solid streamer
. Chirp sub-bottom profiler acquisition and processing systems
. Deep tow boomer and sparker sub-bottom profilers
. Side scan sonars
. Marine magnetometers
. Seismic processing systems
. Seismic energy sources
. Single and multibeam bathymetric systems with backscatter capabilities
. Underwater camera/video systems - drop and towed
. Sediment sampling systems including drop corer, box corer and grab samplers
. Water sampling systems
. Water profiling systems
. Current profiling systems.

As part of ongoing quality control procedures, all data is viewed for accuracy, coverage and completeness by onboard processors to enable onsite evaluation to facilitate re-survey if data quality is substandard or for route/site re-location or development prior to departing the work location. For projects requiring data to be presented in near real-time for viewing and on-site decision-making, full onboard processing is also be provided.